What Do the Volkswagen Warning Lights Mean?

September 27th, 2016 by

Warning Lights

When you’re on the road, few things are as annoying and nerve-wracking as seeing a warning light come on. You might probably be wondering: What do the Volkswagen Warning Lights mean? We’ve got your answer here at Owens Murphy Volkswagen, and don’t worry! They’re easy to figure out.

Volkswagen Warning Lights and their meanings

You’ll soon notice that the Volkswagen warning lights are shown in three different colors: Red, Yellow and Green. This is intended to be similar to a traffic light; Use caution when you see a yellow light and seek immediate help when you see a red light. Let’s take a look at all the different Volkswagen warning lights!

Warning Lights

1-ABS Warning: If ABS system malfunctions, light will come on alongside brake warning light.

2-AdBlue ® Level Warning: Your AdBlue ® tank may be malfunctioning or running on empty. Refill it as soon as possible.

3-AdBlue ® System Malfunction: Your AdBlue ® system has malfunctioned or is not running with standard AdBlue ® .

4-AdBlue ® No Restart Warning: A vehicle restart is not possible due to a problem with your AdBlue ® system.

5-Airbag: Your airbag system is faulty or passenger airbags have been deactivated.

6-Alternator Low Voltage Output: Your vehicle’s charging system has failed.  

7-Automatic Transmission Malfunction

8-Brake Light Bulb Failure: One or more of your brake lights is out.

9-Brake Pad Wear Indicators 

10-Bulb Failure

11-Coolant Level Low/Temperature High

12-Diesel Engine Pre-Glow: If flashing, system is malfunctioning.

13-Daytime Running Lights Activated

14-DSG ® Transmission Too Hot: Immediately put your vehicle in Park and allow your transmission to cool down when you see this!

15-Electric Parking Brake Warning Light

16-Engine Malfunction (On-Board Diagnostics): A problem with your engine’s emissions is most likely causing this.

17-Electronic Power Control: Engine Malfunction with exhaust gas.

18-ESP/ASR: Solid: System is inactive. Flashing: System is working.

19-Particulate Filter (Diesel Engines): Filter is blocked

20-Fuel Cap Off or Missing 

21-Hood Open

22-Hybrid Drive System Malfunction: If red, stop vehicle immediately and seek help.

23-Immobilizer: Wrong key used to try and start vehicle.

24-License Plate Bulb Failure

25-Low Fuel 

26-Oil Pressure Warning

27-Oil Level Low

28-Parking Brake: This signifies an ABS malfunction if both lights are on, and it could also come on because of low brake fluid.

29-Rain Sensor Malfunction: Generally can be remedied by restarting your vehicle.

30-Shift Lock: You must apply brake to shift vehicle from park into gear.

31-Steering Assist Problems or Malfunction: Power steering assist is either malfunctioning or has failed.

32-Tire Pressure Low

33-Washer Fluid Low

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