VW Park Assist

April 26th, 2018 by

Getting out of a tight spot can be frustrating, so Volkswagen equips drivers with VW Park Assist. With this simple feature, drivers can take control of their car at any point during the process, or let the car do all the work for them.

To use Park Assist in a tight spot, simply start the engine and press the Park Assist button. Shift into reverse, and when you see the “steering intervention, check area around vehicle” logo appears, you can lift your hands off the wheel and let your foot off the brake. Once your car gets too close to the vehicle behind you, your VW will let you know with one continuous beeping sound, or a prompt to let you know you can drive forward. Keep your foot on the brake until the Park Assist system is completed, and then you can take over and head home.

Our dealer serving Conway has plenty of new VW models for sale that have the VW Park Assist feature. Make sure to check them out today!

Contact us with any further questions about the Park Assist feature, or any of the other great features that the VW lineup has.

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