Volkswagen Autonomous Cars of the Future

December 13th, 2017 by

Welcome to the future. For years, many car manufacturers have been looking into making fully autonomous cars, and now one manufacturer set a timetable for its release. Volkswagen has stated that they plan on releasing their Level 5 electric cars, vans, and trucks as early as 2021. While Sedric, short for “self-driving car”, is Volkswagen’s first fully autonomous ride, it will not be their last.

“Our team is already working on ideas for a whole Sedric family of fully autonomous vehicles for the city, for luxurious long-range mobility, through self-driving delivery vans and heavy commercial trucks,” said Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller.

Be a Part of History

Volkswagen Sedric interior

Inside this ride is something like you’ve never seen before. Stripped of a cockpit, the Sedric is purely passenger space, providing maximum comfort in the highest fashion. With powerful body pillars and a robust appearance, this ride promotes safety, security, and all around luxury.

While the Sedric is a great ride for small groups, larger full autonomous ride-sharing vehicles are in the works as well. These are estimated to be in two to five cities globally by 2021, acting as a form of public transportation similar to busses and Uber via the VW-affiliated Moia and Gett mobility brands.

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