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2016 Volkswagen Golf Little Rock AR

Hatchbacks—you can really take them anywhere. Need to run to the store? Hop into your hatchback and easily load the back with groceries. Taking the family out for dinner and ice cream? Load everyone up and have a blast. So many tasks can be performed with a hatchback that it’s no wonder these are popping up everywhere nowadays. With a 2016 Volkswagen Golf in Little Rock AR, you can see what it’s all about.

The latest iteration of the Golf is as stylish and exciting as ever, not to mention quite handy. It’s the kind of car that is suitable for just about any lifestyle. Single drivers and families alike can use this vehicle for a wide variety of activities, from carrying a load of fresh produce from the farmers market to taking the family camping, and everything in between. The 2016 Volkswagen Golf can comfortably fit your full life.

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The 2016 Golf is capable of 25 city miles per gallon and 37 highway miles per gallon, ensuring fewer stops at the pump.


2016 VW Golf Car-Net App-Connect


The Golf comes standard with a 6.5-inch touchscreen sound system and VW Car-Net App-Connect, allowing synchronization with your smartphone.


blue VW Golf rear hatch


With the rear seats folded down and the cargo floor lowered, the 2016 Golf opens up to 52.7 cubic feet of space to utilize however you want.

blue 2016 Volkswagen Golf front
2016 Volkswagen Golf interior App-Connect
Blue 2016 Volkswagen Golf exterior from the side
Blue 2016 Volkswagen Golf rear

2016 VW Golf available safety features

Not only is the 2016 Volkswagen Golf an exciting and versatile car that is fun to drive, it also has safety features to help make you feel more secure behind the wheel. A Rearview Camera System comes standard to help give you eyes in the back of your head. Driver Assistance systems are also available options. Front Assist will alert you to a potential collision, Blind Spot Monitor will detect vehicles approaching from your blind spot, and Lane Assist will prevent sudden lane departures.

Any way you slice it, the latest Volkswagen Golf has something for just about everyone. Contact Owens Murphy Volkswagen to find out how you can get behind the wheel of this versatile hatchback today.

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